A nice section of Silurian fossiliferous carbonates occurs along a VIA railroad cut just east of Rt. 132 at Anse Pierre-Loiselle in the southeastern Gasp Peninsula, Quebec Province, southeastern Canada.  The Anse Pierre-Loiselle area is just northeast of Bouleau Point, east of Gascons, on the northern side of Chaleurs Bay near Port Daniel.


This cut exposes the upper member of the La Vieille Formation (Wenlockian, mid-Silurian).  Collecting resulted in fantastic specimens of strophomenid brachiopods, pentamerid brachiopods (including huge specimens of Costistricklandia lirata), gastropods, favositid corals, heliolitid corals, syringoporid corals, halysitid corals, auloporid corals, stromatoporoids, etc.


The pic below shows a gorgeous, huge colonial coral mass in the upper portions of the railroad cut.




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