Barite (a.k.a. baryte) is a barium sulfate mineral (BaSO4).  It has a nonmetallic luster, a whitish to clearish color, is moderately soft (H=3 to 3.5), has three cleavage planes not at right angles, and is noticeably heavy for its size.


Barite (3.4 cm long) from the Royal Flush Mine at Bingham, New Mexico, USA.



Barite roses (above & below; both are 2.8 cm across) from the upper Lower Permian Garber Formation outcrop belt in Oklahoma, USA.  Barite sometimes forms barite roses - masses of intersecting tabular crystals somewhat resembling rose flowers.  The incorporated quartz sand and the reddish-brown coloration (hematite) of the specimens shown here have been acquired from the original sandstone matrix.



Photo gallery of barite



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