Some Cretaceous Rocks


Yuzhnoe Intrusion - alkaline picrite (earliest Cretaceous, ~145 Ma) from Jetty Peninsula, East Antarctica.



Steatite (~pure talcose, non-foliated metamorphite) from the early Early Cretaceous (141 Ma) of Elliott Creek Ridge, Oregon, USA.



Yixian Formation - fossiliferous lacustrine shales with Sinosauropteryx prima feathered dinosaur (left) & Lycoptera davidi fossil fish (center) & Confuciusornis sanctus fossil bird (right)  (near-lowermost Cretaceous) from Liaoning Province, China.



Schlenblende - ~135 Ma botryoidal zinc-lead ore (pyrite-galena-sphalerite-wurtzite) from the Pomorzany Mine, Poland.  Zinc-lead-iron mineralization occurred within Triassic dolostones during the early Early Cretaceous.



Chilwa Alkaline Province - carbonatite (late Barremian Stage, mid-Early Cretaceous, 126 Ma) from Chilwa Island, Malawi.



Oka Carbonatite Complex - calciocarbonatite (left), okaite (left center), ijolite (right center), and alnoite (right) (mid-Barremian Stage, mid-Early Cretaceous, 124-125 Ma) from Oka Niobium Mine, Quebec, Canada.



"Sirenevyy Kaven" Deposit - charoitite (charoitic metasomatite) (Aptian Stage, Early Cretaceous, 115-120 Ma) from the headwaters of the Davan-Ditmara streams, Siberia, Russia.



Bulldog Shale - fossiliferous shale with opalized Cyrenopsis fossil bivalves (Aptian Stage, upper Lower Cretaceous) from the Coober Pedy Opal Field, Australia.



Bellsbank Kimberlite - kimberlite (Aptian Stage, late Early Cretaceous, 118 Ma) from the Bellsbank Mines, South Africa.



Panda Hill Carbonatite - calciocarbonatite (Aptian Stage, late Early Cretaceous, ~113 Ma) from Panda Hill, East African Rift Valley, Tanzania.



Mother Lode Gold Ore - quartz-gold hydrothermal veins from the Mother Lode Gold Belt (late Early Cretaceous, ~108-127 Ma), Sierra Nevada foothills, California, USA.



Blue Ball Lamproite Dike - lamproite (mid-Albian Stage, late Early Cretaceous, ~106 Ma) from Freedom Creek, Scott County, Arkansas, USA.



Prairie Creek Lamproite - weathered olivine lamproite (left) & lamproitic volcanic tuff (right) (mid-Albian Stage, late Early Cretaceous, ~106 Ma) from Crater of Diamonds, Arkansas, USA



Pala Pegmatite - lithia pegmatite (Albian Stage, late Early Cretaceous, 104-105 Ma) from the Stewart Mine, California, USA.



Crowsnest Volcanics Formation - blairmorite (= porphyritic analcime phonolite) from the mid-Cretaceous (~100 Ma) near Blairmore, Alberta, Canada.



Magnet Cove Complex - calciocarbonatite (left) & melanite garnet in pseudoleucite syenite (right) from the mid-Cretaceous (Albian-Cenomanian Stages, 96-102 Ma) of central Arkansas, USA.



Tamba Group - pinite from hornfels, contact metamorphosed in the early Late Cretaceous (early Cenomanian Stage, ~98 Ma), from Mikata District, Honshu, Japan.



Zihor Formation ("Jerusalem Limestone") - oolitic limestone (Turonian Stage, lower Upper Cretaceous) from Israel.



Comus Formation contact metamorphosed by the Osgood Mountain Stock - andradite-diopside skarn with molybdenite & scheelite (Turonian Stage, early Late Cretaceous, 92 Ma) from the Reilly Mine of Nevada, USA.



Alaskan Coast Plutonic Complex - garnet schist (Turonian Stage, early Late Cretaceous, 89-92 Ma) from the roof pendant over a quartz diorite pluton at Garnet Ledge, Alaska, USA.



Alto Parana’ba Igneous Province - ugandite from the Indai‡ II Intrusion (Late Cretaceous, 80-90 Ma) near Rio Perdizos, Minas Gerais State, Brazil.



Niobrara Formation - fossiliferous chalk with Uintacrinus crinoids (upper Santonian Stage, mid-Upper Cretaceous, ~84 Ma) from western Kansas, USA.



Alto Parana’ba Igneous Province - bebedourite (alkaline clinopyroxenite) from the Serra Negra-Salitre Complex (mid-Late Cretaceous, 83-84 Ma) near Arax‡, Minas Gerais State, Brazil.



Dalnegorsk Skarn Deposit - calcite (left & center) and hematite-in-quartz (right) (Late Cretaceous, 70-90 Ma) from Dalnegorsk, Russia.



Dalnegorsk Skarn Deposit - manganoan calcite (left), ilvaite-on-quartz (center), and siderite (right) (Late Cretaceous, 70-90 Ma) from Dalnegorsk, Russia.



PoŤos de Caldas Alkaline Complex - 76-78 Ma (Campanian Stage, late Late Cretaceous) sodalite from a pegmatitic nepheline syenite on the PoŤos de Caldas Plateau, Minas Gerais State, Brazil.



Butte Quartz Monzonite - 76 Ma (Campanian Stage, late Late Cretaceous) quartz monzonite from east of Homestake, Montana, USA.



LappajŠrvi Impact Breccia - 73-77 Ma (Campanian Stage, early Late Cretaceous) suevite (polymict impact breccia with frothy melt clasts) from the LappajŠrvi Impact Crater, Finland.



Garnetite skarn (Late Cretaceous, 69-77 Ma) with molybdenite and ferrimolybdite from near Brownes Lake, southwestern Montana, USA.



Troodos Ophiolite Complex - Late Cretaceous olivinitic chromitite from Kokkinorotsos Mountain, Cyprus.



Quipar-Jorquera Formation - 65 Ma Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary clay (K-T clay) from near Agost, Spain.  More info.



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