Some Devonian Rocks


Indian Guide Kimberlite Field - Early Devonian kimberlite from the Iron Mountain Kimberlite District, Wyoming, USA.



Salisbury Pluton - monzogranite (adamellite) (Early Devonian, 411 Ma) from near Salisbury, North Carolina, USA.



Kaub Formation, Hunsrück Slate Group - fossiliferous slate with pyritized Furcaster paleozoicus ophiuroid (lower Emsian Stage, upper Lower Devonian) in the Budenbach area, Germany.



Columbus Limestone - fossiliferous packstone with brachiopods (Eifelian Stage, lower Middle Devonian) from near Columbus, Ohio, USA.



Alden Pyrite Bed, Ledyard Shale Member, Ludlowville Formation - fossiliferous pyrite concretions (Middle Devonian) from western New York State, USA.



Prairie Evaporite Formation - Middle Devonian blue halite from the Potash Saskatchewan-Lanigan Mine, Canada.



Silica Formation - pyritized brachiopod shell pavement on fossiliferous shale (Middle Devonian) at Sylvania, Ohio, USA. 



Barre Granite, New Hampshire Plutonic Suite - granodiorite (Frasnian Stage, early Late Devonian, ~380 Ma) from the Barre Granite Quarry District, Vermont, USA.




Rubtsovsk Copper-Zinc-Lead Deposit - copper & cuprite from a volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit in the Kamenevsk Group (upper Frasnian Stage, ~mid-Upper Devonian) at Poteryaevskoe Mine, Siberia, Russia.



Ohio Shale - marcasite concretion (left) from the Huron Shale Member (upper Frasnian Stage or lower Famennian Stage, mid-Upper Devonian) at Glen Echo Ravine, Columbus, Ohio, USA.  At right is a pyrite concretion from the Ohio Shale in Ross County, Ohio, USA.



Ohio Shale - cone-in-cone limestone interbed from a black shale succession (Frasnian Stage-Famennian Stage, Upper Devonian) in central Ohio, USA.



Perrysburg Formation, South Wales Member - fossiliferous quartzose siltstone with Plumalina frond fossil (Upper Devonian) from Almond Lake railroad cut, New York State, USA.



Khibina Massif - pegmatitic peralkaline eudialytic nepheline syenite (a.k.a. agpaite) (left) & pegmatitic peralkaline astrophyllitic nepheline syenite (right) from the Late Devonian (~362-365 Ma) of the Kola Peninsula, Russia.



Münchberg (Muenchberg) Gneiss Massif - eclogite (metamorphosed in the late Late Devonian, ~365 Ma) from Weissenstein (Weißenstein), Bavaria, Germany.



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