Duftite is a scarce, lead copper hydroxy-arsenate mineral, PbCuAsO4(OH).  It has a nonmetallic, dull to glassy luster and is heavy for its size, the result of its lead & copper content.  Some duftite samples have significant calcium and zinc content as well, substituting for the lead and copper, respectively.  Duftite's color is various shades of green, but has a white to pale green streak.  It forms tabular to blocky crystals, microcrystalline crusts, and botryoidal crusts.  Other duftite physical properties include a hardness of 4.5, no obvious cleavage, uneven to conchoidal fracture, and transparent to translucent crystals.


Duftite is a secondary mineral, formed by oxidation of lead- and copper-bearing sulfide deposits.


Duftite from the Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Namibia.



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