Elements are fundamental substances of matter - matter that is composed of all the same atom type.  At present, 118 elements are well documented (1 to 118; element 122 is controversial).  Of these, 94 are known to occur naturally on Earth (most of which occur in rocks & minerals).  Some will say the number of naturally occurring elements on Earth is less than this, but the correct number is 94 (hydrogen to plutonium; technetium & neptunium & plutonium have been identified in some rocks).  Some of the 94 occur in rocks & minerals in trace amounts.  Only some elements occur in their native elemental state as minerals.


To find a native element in nature, it must be relatively non-reactive and there must be some concentration process.  Metallic, semimetallic (metalloid), and nonmetallic elements are known in their native state as minerals.


  Gold (Au)


  Silver (Ag)


  Electrum (AuAg)


  Copper (Cu)


  Platinum (Pt)


  Iron (Fe)


  Antimony (Sb)


  Arsenic (As)


  Bismuth (Bi)


  Tellurium (Te)


  Graphite (C)


  Diamond (C)


  Sulfur (S)




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