Below is an outcrop photo of the Freda Sandstone at its type locality - the town of Freda, Michigan.  The Freda is the top unit in the upper Mesoproterozoic Oronto Group.  Below the Freda is fine-grained siliciclastics of the Nonesuch Shale and coarse-grained siliciclastics (+ some basalt lava flows) of the Copper Harbor Conglomerate.  The Freda itself is dominated by reddish fluvial arkosic sandstones.


Stratigraphy & Age: Freda Sandstone, upper Oronto Group, upper Mesoproterozoic, ~1.07-1.08 billion years.


Freda Sandstone - lakeshore cliff outcrop at Freda, southern shore of Lake Superior, Houghton County, UP of Michigan, USA (see map).


Freda Sandstone (field of view ~5.3 cm across) - a fluvial arkosic sandstone.  The orangish specks are K-feldspar sand grains.


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