Geology 1100


Original syllabus: here

Updated course schedule: here



Online Lectures (= unlisted youtube videos of my in-class slide show lectures; no narration/no audio.  Everything I would say in class is given on the slides.  Take notes as you would in class - large text/outlines are most important.  Make simple sketches (i.e., folds, faults, etc.).  Use the book’s illustrations as additional references.  Each video automatically goes through each slide.  One can use the settings in the lower right corner of the video window to slow down the pace.  One can pause the video to stare at photos & take notes.)


New lecture links will be added once or twice a week, to the end of the term.


Below is a list of lecture topics for the rest of the course.


End of Earthquakes topic: here


Structural Geology - Intro. & Folds: here


Structural Geology - Faults: here


Relative age dating: here


Absolute age dating: here


Fossils - Intro. & Preservation: here

Fossils - Classification, Evolution, Extinction: here


Brief History of Earth - Precambrian: here


Brief History of Earth - Paleozoic (handout - if you have a printer - the outline is already typed up here - you can just start taking notes directly on this, if desired; I think I left enough room for the notes you should be taking): here

Brief History of Earth - Paleozoic: here


Brief History of Earth - Mesozoic: here


Brief History of Earth - Cenozoic: here


Final exam (“take home”): here


There are excellent reasons for everything here - please do exactly as asked.


The final exam will cover all presented material from the beginning of the absolute age dating topic to the end of the course.  There will be no questions about old topics.


Students may use their notes, the course textbook, and James St. John’s geology website to answer questions.  Outside sources are not inherently reliable - don’t use them.  (I saw that multiple times on the last test - use your own notes.)


Do not include the actual test questions - I just want the answers.  DO NOT INCLUDE ACTUAL TEST QUESTIONS, PLEASE.


Do not use automated question numbers - type them in yourself - disable the automated numbers - such things are a royal mess and huge waste of time for me to undo in order to efficiently grade tests.







Answers must be submitted in typed form by e-mail to James St. John (“stjohn.2” at “”) by 6:00 PM on Thursday, 30 April 2020 from student’s own OSU e-mail accounts.  Put “Geology 1100 final exam” in the subject line.  Test answers submitted by non-OSU e-mail accounts will be trashed, unopened and unread.  Do not put attachments in your test answer e-mails.  DO NOT PUT ATTACHMENTS IN YOUR REPLY E-MAILS.  You may compose your answers in a word processing program, if desired, but copy-and-paste this info. into your submitted e-mail to me.  NO  ATTACHMENTS.  Do not highlight the test file I provide and send it back.  Just type out the answers in an e-mail.  Please please please.


Tests with answers identical to those submitted by other students will be automatically failed.  Do the test yourself.






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