Geology 1121 - Physical Geology


Online Lectures (= unlisted youtube videos of my in-class slide show lectures; no narration/no audio.  Everything I would say in class is given on the slides.  Take notes as you would in class - large text/outlines are most important.  Make simple sketches, if needed/warranted.  Use the book’s illustrations as additional references.  Each video automatically goes through each slide.  One can use the settings in the lower right corner of the video window to slow down the pace.  One can pause the video to stare at photos & take notes.)


Below is a list of lecture topics for the rest of the course.


Precious metals & Radioactive metals

(this starts with gold, which I covered at the end of the last class, but it includes a couple slides I skipped - please add info. about the top gold-producing countries & the top gold-producing state in America to your notes)


Nonmetals (includes gemstones)



Final Exam: Info. forthcoming






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