The Most Important Info. that Few People Know


The Universe is 13.798 billion years old.  It is a sphere with an calculated diameter of 93 billion light-years - most of that is not observable.  The observable Universe consists of about 500 billion large galaxies plus about 7 trillion dwarf galaxies.  The observable Universe has somewhere between 30 sextillion and 1 septillion stars.  The Universe has about 9.4 x 1079 atoms.


Every proton in every atom of your body, and in every atom of everything you see, is 13.798 billion years old.  The stuff you are made of is as old as the Universe itself.


Your body is dominated by carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.  Every carbon & oxygen & nitrogen atom in your body formed in the nuclear furnaces at the heart of ancient stars that exploded as supernovas.  You are made of star stuff.


90% of the mass of every proton and every neutron in every atom of your body comes from nothing - the empty space between the quarks of the protons & neutrons.  Virtual particles that convey temporary mass continuously pop in and out of existence in the empty space - the nothingness - between the quarks.  90% of you is nothing.


The Universe formed by matter condensing out of the energy (E = mc2) of an inflating singularity 13.798 billion years ago.  You came from energy.  You are energy.  All matter came from energy.


The inflating singularity that formed the Universe came from nothing.  The singularity was an unstable, ultrahigh-energy virtual particle that spontaneously appeared out of the nothingness of a quantum vacuum.  You come from nothing.  Everything comes from nothing.  Wow.


These are the findings of modern physics and modern astronomy and modern science.  Don’t “believe” me?  Don’t accept this?  Check it out for yourself.  (Recommendation: read Lawrence Krauss’ book A Universe from Nothing, or listen to an online version of him lecturing about it.)




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