Lycoptera  davidi


The Jehol Group of western Liaoning Province, northeastern China has produced numerous remarkable fossils, particularly feathered dinosaurs.  Shown below is one of the most abundant fossil forms in the Jehol Group - this is Lycoptera davidi (Sauvage, 1880) (Vertebrata, Osteichthyes, Actinopterygii, Neopterygii, Teleostei, Osteoglossiformes, Notopteroidei, Lycopteridae).  This fish is found in lacustrine (lake) shales of the Yixian Formation (near-lowermost Cretaceous).


Lycoptera davidi (Sauvage, 1880) fossil fish (6.8 cm long) from the Yixian Formation (Lower Cretaceous) of Liaoning, China.



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