ŇAzul Bahia GraniteÓ from eastern Brazil has the reputation for being a very expensive decorative stone.  It's distinctive in having considerable non-iridescent blue coloration.  ŇAzul Bahia GraniteÓ is a sodalite metasyenite (a.k.a. sodalite foyaite, sodalite foidolite) having sodalite (blue) (Na4(Al3Si3)O12Cl), feldspars & feldspathoids (white), mafic minerals (black), and epidote (greenish) (Ca2FeAl2(Si2O7)(SiO4)O(OH)).  It comes from the Itabuna Syenite Complex, a late Neoproterozoic unit (about 676 million years) that intruded through the S‹o Francisco Craton.


Locality: commercial quarry at Fazenda Hiassu, city of Itaju do Colonia, southeastern Bahia State, eastern Brazil.


Sodalite metasyenite (ŇAzul Bahia GraniteÓ)




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