Some Mississippian Rocks


Berea Sandstone - quartzose sandstone with interference ripples from the lower Lower Mississippian (Kinderhookian Stage) of Ohio, USA.



Ice River Complex - sodalite-aegirine-albite pegmatite (left) & ferrocarbonatite (right) from the Early Mississippian (Tournaisian Stage, ~356 Ma) of British Columbia, Canada.



Byer Sandstone - fossiliferous quartzose sandstones with crinoids (left & left center), brachiopod (right center), and goniatite cephalopod (right) (Kinderhookian Stage-Osagean Stage, mid-Lower Mississippian) from Licking County, Ohio, USA.



Fort Payne Formation - partly chertified fossiliferous limestone (Osagean Stage, upper Lower Mississippian) with abundant crinoid stem pieces and camerate crinoid calyx from a shoreline at Lake Cumberland, Kentucky, USA.



Edwardsville Formation - fossiliferous calcisiltite with Dichocrinus crinoid (Osagean Stage, upper Lower Mississippian) from near Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA.



Mt. Airy Granodiorite Pluton - granodiorite from the Middle Mississippian (331-337 Ma) at Mt. Airy, North Carolina, USA.



Salem Limestone - tidalites (= tidally-laminated limestone) from the middle Middle Mississippian of Monroe County, Indiana, USA.



Great Limestone ("Frosterley Marble") - fossiliferous limestone (upper Visean Stage/upper Asbian Stage, lower Upper Mississippian, ~329-330 Ma) from Rogerley Quarry, Frosterley, England.



Hinton Formation - fossiliferous mudshale with decalcified fossil bivalves (bivalves) from the Upper Mississippian (middle Chesterian Series/lower Namurian Series) at Oakvale School outcrop, Divide Ridge, West Virginia, USA.



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