Mt. Shasta is a stratovolcano (composite volcano) of the Cascade Range, located in northern California, USA.  The Cascade Range volcanoes stretch from northern California, through Oregon & Washington State, to southwestern British Columbia.


Mt. Shasta has a distinctive double-hump to its profile.  The smaller cone on the left side of Mt. Shasta is called Shastina.  The Shasta-Shastina volcano is composed principally of andesites and dacites, typical for subduction zone stratovolcanoes.  The Shastina cone is reported to be near-earliest Holocene in age (~9.4-9.7 ky).




A little west of Mt. Shasta is a large, slightly reddish-colored, steep-sided cone called (oddly) Black Butte.  Its lavas are composed of dacites.  This volcano's first eruptions were in the near-earliest Holocene (~9.5 ky).




Above & below: satellite photo provided by Europa Technologies & Google Earth.


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