Mudcracks are diagnostic sedimentary structures indicating subaerial exposure of sediment surfaces.  They are much more common that raindrop imprints, which indicate the same environmental setting.  Mudcracks are most likely to occur in fine-grained siliciclastic rocks, fine-grained carbonate sediments, and in some evaporitic successions.


Mudcracks are distinctive and easy to identify, but they do vary in appearance.  The cracks themselves vary in width, depth, and areal density.  Mudcrack polygons vary in size & shape.


Mudcracks in dolosiltstone.

Stratigraphy & age: upper Tymochtee Dolomite, lower Salina Group, lower Cayugan Series, lower Ludlovian, lower Upper Silurian
Locality: old eastern quarry at Latham Limestone Quarry, southern side of Rt. 124, just east of Byington, Mifflin Township, western Pike County, southern Ohio, USA (39 5.567 North, 83 16.470 West).




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