Pacaya Volcano is located in southern Guatemala (Central America), occurring about 30 km south-southwest of Guatemala City.  The mountain is visible from the city, and is frequently seen to be erupting.  Many people climb the slopes of the volcano when it is not erupting and can observe the crater up-close & personal.


Location of Pacaya Volcano: ~14° 22’ 51” North, ~90° 36’ 04” West.


Below is a nice sample of fresh, unweathered scoria from ~5 meters away from the edge of Pacaya Volcano’s MacKenney Crater.  It is derived from an early December 2004 strombolian eruption.


Tachylite (finely vesiculated basalt glass; scoria) (4.1 cm across), from an early December 2004 eruption of Pacaya Volcano, southern Guatemala.



Below are some field photos of Pacaya Volcano, MacKenney Crater's edge, and MacKenney Crater itself, all generously provided by Fred Sandoval.







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