Some Pennsylvanian Rocks


Breathitt Formation - fossiliferous carbonaceous shale with Dithyrocaris phyllocarid crustaceans from the Lower Pennsylvanian of northern Kentucky, USA.



Rhode Island Coal Measures - slightly metamorphosed mudshale with raindrop imprints from the Pennsylvanian of Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA.



Vanport Flint - multicolored chert ("flint") (Desmoinesian, upper Middle Pennsylvanian) from Flint Ridge, Ohio, USA.



Carbondale Formation, Francis Creek Shale Member - fossiliferous concretions from gray shales of the Mazon Creek Lagerstätte (Desmoinesian, upper Middle Pennsylvanian) near Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Top left: Essexella asherae fossil jellyfish.  Top center left: Anthracomedusa turnbulli fossil jellyfish.  Top center right: Kallidecthes richardsoni fossil shrimp.  Top right: Acanthotelson stimpsoni fossil shrimp.  Bottom: Bandringa rayi fossil shark.



Buckhorn Asphalt - fossiliferous asphaltic limestone with nacreous nautiloid cephalopod shells (middle Desmoinesian, upper Middle Pennsylvanian) from Buckhorn Asphalt Quarry, Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma, USA.



Shelburne Formation - whitish marble, formed by Pennsylvanian metamorphism of Ordovician limestones, from Danby, Vermont, USA.



Allegheny Group - fossiliferous mudshale (Desmoinesian, Middle Pennsylvanian) with carbonized fossil plants from near Nelsonville, Ohio, USA.



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