Some Permian Rocks


Quamby Mudstone - tasmanite (= Tasmanites-rich kerogenite/kerogen shale/oil shale) from Tasmania; probably Sakmarian Stage, lower Lower Permian.



Larvik Batholith - larvikite (early Early Permian, ~292-298 Ma) from near Larvik, Norway.



Conjola Formation - stellate glendonite from the Lower Permian at Dolphin Beach, New South Wales, Australia.



Dun Mountain Ophiolite Belt - dunite (Early Permian, 275-285 Ma) from Dun Mountain, Bryant Range, New Zealand.



Pink Westerly Granite - granite (mid-Early Permian, 279 Ma) from Westerly, Rhode Island, USA.



Phosphoria Formation - peloidal phosphorite (Roadian Stage to Wordian Stage, lower Guadalupian Series, mid-Permian) from Simplot Mine, Idaho, USA.



Hamilton Branch Kimberlite - Late Permian kimberlite from near Hamilton Creek, Elliott County, Kentucky, USA.



Ison Creek Kimberlite - kimberlite (Late Permian, ~257 Ma) from the Ison Creek valley area, Elliott County, Kentucky, USA.



Illawarra Coal Measures - fossiliferous deltaic clayshale with Glossopteris fossil leaves from the Upper Permian of Dunedoo, New South Wales, Australia.



Castile Formation - faulted rock gypsum (upper Upper Permian) from State Line outcrop, far-southern New Mexico, USA.



Salado Formation - rock salt/halitite (Ochoan Stage, upper Upper Permian) from southeastern New Mexico, USA.

Left: Lower Member, WIPP Storage Level, New Mexico, USA

Right:  McNutt Member, Mississippi Potash East Mine, New Mexico, USA.


Salado Formation - evaporitic polyhalite (Ochoan Stage, upper Upper Permian) from the the Carlsbad Potash District, New Mexico, USA.



Siberian Traps Flood Basalt - native iron in basalt/dolerite from the end-Permian (251 Ma) at the Putoran Plateau, Siberia, Russia.



Siberian Traps Flood Basalt - sperrylite-magnetite-chalcopyrite from intrusive gabbrodolerite beneath the Siberian Traps Flood Basalt (end-Permian, 251 Ma) in the Norilsk Mining District, Siberia, Russia.



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