Some Proterozoic Rocks 2



Argyle Diatreme - 1.178 Ga lamproites from the Argyle Mine, northwestern Australia.



Ivigtut Granite -  1.171 Ga cryolite mass (Na3AlF6) from the roof zone of the Ivigtut Granite at Ivigtut, Greenland.



Lac-St. Jean Anorthosite (“Black Cambrian Granite”) - 1.14-1.16 Ga norite from St. Nazaire, southern Quebec, southeastern Canada.



Ilímaussaq Complex - 1.16 Ga kakortokite (eudialytic nepheline syenite) from Kangerdluarssaq Fjord, far-southern Greenland.



Marcy Anorthosite (“Mountain Green Granite”) - 1.155 Ma garnetiferous metanorthosite from Cold Spring Granite Quarry, Jay, New York State, USA.



Llanite - 1.106 Ga porphyritic melorhyolite dike from the Llano Uplift, central Texas, USA.



Rivičre-ŕ-Pierre Plutonic Suite - ~1.1 Ga charnockite (porphyritic farsundite; a.k.a. porphyritic quartz mangerite) from the Nara Quarry, Quebec, Canada.




Black Pearl Granite” (gabbro) & “Black Galaxy Granite” (norite) - Proterozoic mafic intrusive igneous rocks from Andhra Pradesh State, India.



Vizag Blue Granite” - Proterozoic garnetiferous migmatite from Tekkali, Andhra Pradesh State, southeastern India.



Toasted Almond Granite” - Proterozoic granulite from Tamil Nadu State, southern India.




Portage Lake Volcanic Series - 1.093-1.097 Ga amygdaloidal basalts (filling up a portion of the Mid-Continental Rift System) with ~1.05-1.06 Ga void-filling minerals (copper, etc.) from the Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, USA.



Copper Harbor Conglomerate - 1.085-1.093 Ga arkosic sandstone from Houghton, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, USA.



Pikes Peak Batholite - 1.08 Ga red granite from Pikes Peak, central Colorado, USA.



Freda Sandstone - 1.07-1.08 Ga arkosic sandstone from Freda, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, USA.




Chrysocolla (blue), tenorite (black), and copper of late Mesoproterozoic age (~1.05-1.06 Ga) from the Keweenaw Peninsula, northern Michigan, USA.




Silver (left) & datolite (right) of late Mesoproterozoic age (~1.05-1.06 Ga) from the Keweenaw Peninsula, northern Michigan, USA.




Franklin Marble - 1.03-1.08 Ga zinciferous marbles from Sterling Hill & Franklin, New Jersey, USA.



Jacobsville Sandstone - 1.03-1.07 Ga arkosic sandstone from Marquette Bay, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, USA.



Kipawa Syenite Complex - 994 Ma eudialytic metasyenite from the Kipawa River, southwestern Quebec, southeastern Canada.



Rogaland Anorthosite Complex (“Labrador Antique Granite”) - 929-932 Ma anorthosite from Egersund, far-southwestern Norway.



Konnarock Formation - 650-700 Ma proglacial rhythmitic slate (varvites), from Grassy Branch roadcut, western Virginia, USA.  These sediments were deposited during one of the famous, Neoproterozoic-aged, Snowball Earth Glaciations.



Itabuna Synenite Complex (“Azul Bahia Granite”) - 676 Ma sodalite metasyenite from Fazenda Hiassu, Bahia State, eastern Brazil.



Ankafotia Anorthosite Massif - ~660 Ma spectrolite (plagioclasite) from the Benonoky area, Toliary Province, Madagascar.



Newer Volcanics Province - Neoproterozoic mantle-derived spinel lherzolite (green) in Late Pleistocene basalt (22 ky) from the Mt. Leura Complex, southwestern Victoria, southeastern Australia.



Violetta Granite” and “Tropical Brown Granite” - Neoproterozoic to Cambrian (~650-530 Ma) granites from the southern Arabian Shield of Arabia.




Carioca Gold Granite” & “Antique Yellow Granite” - Neoproterozoic to Cambrian (~650-500 Ma) granites from Brazil.



Venetian Gold Granite” - Neoproterozoic to Cambrian (~650-500 Ma) garnetiferous gneiss from Nova Venecia, Espirito Santo State, southeastern Brazil.




Ubatuba Granite” & “Verde Butterfly Granite” - Neoproterozoic to Cambrian (~650-500 Ma) charnockites from southeastern Brazil.



Giallo Napoleone Granite” - porphyritic alkaline granite from the late Neoproterozoic to Cambrian of Espirito Santo State, southeastern Brazil.



Manhattan Schist - Neoproterozoic mica schist from Manhattan Island, New York State, USA.



Big Cottonwood Formation - tidalites (= tidally laminted sedimentary deposits) from the Neoproterozoic of Utah, USA.



Chicken Park Pipe - 614 Ma kimberlite from near Red Feather Lakes, northern Colorado, USA.



Anyolite (ruby-amphibole zoisite metamorphite) from the Neoproterozoic at Mundarara Mine, Mozambique Collision Belt, northeastern Tanzania.



Merelani Tanzanite Deposit - ~585 Ma (late Neoproterozoic) tanzanite from hydrothermal veins/pockets hosted in high-grade metamorphic rocks in the Merelani Hills, Mozambique Collision Belt, Tanzania.



Iron Hill Complex - 570 Ma microcline-bearing pyroxenite (aegirine-bearing syenite) from Iron Hill, southwestern Colorado, USA.




Rawnsley Quartzite, Ediacara Member - fossiliferous quartzose sandstones with Dickinsonia costata (Ediacaran, upper Neoproterozoic) from the Flinders Ranges, South Australia.



Mogilev Formation, Yampol Member - fossiliferous, micaceous quartzose sandstone with Nemiana simplex fossils (upper Edicaran/upper Vendian, upper Neoproterozoic) from Novodnestrovsky Quarry, Podolia, Ukraine.



Imiter Silver Deposit - acanthite (Ag2S) from the Imiter Mine of Morocco, mineralized during the near-latest Neoproterozoic (~550 Ma).



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