Quartzite (metaquartzite) is a quartzose, crystalline-textured, metamorphic rock.  It forms by intermediate- to high-grade metamorphism of quartzose sandstones and siltstones.



Nacarado Quartzite - faulted impure quartzite from the Precambrian of Brazil.

Stratigraphy & Age: possibly (?) from the S‹o Joaquim Formation, Martin—pole Group, Neoproterozoic, >775 Ma.

Locality: Nacarado Quarry, hills outside of town of Massapˇ, northern Cear‡ State, northeastern Brazil.



Renoir Blue Quartzite - faulted, horizontally-bedded quartzite.



Green Harlequin Quartzite - fuchsitic quartzite (gray = quartz; green = fuchsite, a chromian muscovite mica).  This quartzite shows hints of foliation, due to the presence of small sheets of fuchsite mica.




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