Some Quaternary Rocks


Magadi Trachyte (a.k.a. Plateau Trachyte) - Lower to Middle Pleistocene (~700 ky to ~1.4 Ma) vesicular porphyritic trachyte, a flood lava at Lake Magadi, East African Rift Valley, Kenya.



Monturaqui Impactite - <1 Ma impactite from the Monturaqui Impact Crater, Atacama Desert, Chile.



Mt. Kenya volcanic rocks - Pleistocene kenyte (left) & porphyritic anorthoclase phonolite (center) & porphyritic nephiline syenite (right) from Mt. Kenya Volcano, East African Rift Valley, Kenya.



Ol Doinyo Nyukie volcanic lava - Quaternary trachyte obsidian erupted from Ol Doinyo Nyukie, Mt. Suswa Caldera, East African Rift Valley, Kenya.



Australasian Tektite Strewn Field - ~656-755 Ma indochinite tektite from Guangdong Province, China (left) & billitonite tektites (right) from Belitung Island, Indonesia.



Peridot Mesa Flow - 580 ky olivine basanite with mantle xenolith of lherzolite from Peridot Mesa, Arizona, USA.



Erebus volcanic lava phenocrysts - Upper Pleistocene or Holocene anorthoclase phenocrysts from kenyte lava at Mt. Erebus Volcano, Ross Island, Antarctica.



Anastasia Formation - coquinoid quartzose sandstone with geodized Busycon gastropod (left) and bivalve shells (right) from the Upper Pleistocene (~125 ky) at Indrio Pit, Fort Pierce, Florida, USA.



Cockburn Town Member of the Grotto Beach Formation - ~125 ky fossiliferous limestone from San Salvador Island, Bahamas.



Odessa Breccia - 64 ky impact breccia from Odessa Crater, Texas, USA.



Volkhovites - 10 to 65 ky impact microtektites or cryptovolcanic airfall glasses from the Volkhov River, Russia.



Lonar Impactite - ~52 ky basaltic impactite from the Lonar Impact Crater, India.



Green Beds (a.k.a. High Magadi Beds) - lacustrine chemical chert (gray) between erionite siltstones (pale green) from the upper Upper Pleistocene (40 ky) at Lake Magai, East African Rift Valley, Kenya.



Kilbourne Hole volcanic lava - 15-20 ky basalt with mantle xenolith of lherzolite, erupted from the Kilbourne Hole Crater, New Mexico, USA.



Concretions - marlstone (lime-clay) concretions from near-latest Pleistocene lake deposits (~11 ky) in the Abitibi area, Quebec, Canada.



Filmore Craters lava field - Holocene scoriaceous basalt erupted from Filmore Craters, Sevier Desert, Utah, USA.



Kofelsite - ~9.8 ky impactite or frictionite from the Köfels Structure, Austria.



Kerið Crater volcanic lava - ~3 ky oxidized scoriaceous basalt erupted from the Kerið Crater (Kerith Crater), Iceland Hotspot.



Yellowstone geyserite - Holocene siliceous sinter (geyserite) from the Yellowstone Hotspot, Wyoming, USA.



Vesuvius volcanic pumice - August 79 A.D. phonolite pumice erupted from Mt. Vesuvius, Pompeii, Italy.



Medicine Lake volcanic pumice - ~1065 A.D. airfall pumice erupted from Glass Mountain eruptive center, Medicine Lake Volcano, California, USA.



Vesuvius volcanic lava - December 1631 porphyritic tephrite or phonolite erupted from Mt. Vesuvius, Pompeii, Italy.



Krakatoa volcanic pumice - August 1883 rhyodacite pumice erupted from Krakatoa Volcano, Indonesia.



Vesuvius volcanic lapilli - March 1944 airfall lapilli erupted from Mt. Vesuvius, Pompeii, Italy.



Mauna Loa volcanic lava - 1949 scoriaceous basalt erupted from Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawaii Hotspot.



Mt. Kilauea volcanic lava - February 1960 vesicular porphyritic olivine basalt, erupted from the East Rift Zone of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Hotspot.



Ol Doinyo Lengai volcanic lava - 1963 natrocarbonatite erupted from Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano, East African Rift Valley, Tanzania.



Ol Doinyo Lengai volcanic ash - August-October 1966 natrocarbonatitic ash and lapilli erupted from Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano, East African Rift Valley, Tanzania.



Mt. Kilauea volcanic lava - 1969 to 1974 sideromelane (external surface of lava tube ceiling) erupted from the Mauna Ulu vent, East Rift Zone, Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Hotspot.



Mt. St. Helens volcanic ash - May 1980 dacite ash erupted from Mt. St. Helens, Washington State, USA.



Grosbeak Lake Salt Flats - modern evaporitic halite from Grosbeak Lake, Alberta, Canada.



Dead Sea halite - modern evaporitic halite snowball from the Dead Sea, Israel.



Black smoker chimney rock - pre-November 1981 chalcopyrite-sphalerite-anhydrite rock from a seafloor hydrothermal vent, East Pacific Rise.



Mt. Kilauea volcanic lava - early 1990s vesicular basalt with mafic obsidian rim erupted from Kupaianaha, East Rift Zone of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Hotspot.



Pinatubo volcanic ash - June 1991 dacite ash & lapilli & pumice fragments erupted from Mt. Pinatubo Volcano, Phillipines.



Mt. Spurr volcanic ash - August 1992 hornblende andesite ash erupted from Mt. Spurr Volcano, Alaska, USA.



Soufrière Hills volcanic ash - summer 1997 volcanic ash & lapilli erupted from Soufrière Hills Volcano, island of Montserrat, Caribbean Sea.



Soufrière Hills volcanic lava - 1997 andesite erupted from Soufrière Hills Volcano, island of Montserrat, Caribbean Sea.  Light gray material on the left = semi-vesicular, porphyritic hornblende andesite.  Very light gray material on the right = pumiceous porphyritic hornblende andesite.



Etna volcanic ash  - November 2002 glassy trachybasaltic volcanic ash erupted from Mt. Etna Volcano, Sicily.



Pacaya volcanic lava - December 2004 tachylite erupted from Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala.



Soufrière Hills volcanic ash - February 2006 volcanic ash erupted from Soufrière Hills Volcano, island of Montserrat, Caribbean Sea.




Merapi volcanic ash - June 2006 basaltic andesite ash erupted from Merapi Volcano, Indonesia.



Home Reef volcanic pumice  - August 2006 dacite pumice erupted from the Home Reef Volcano, Tonga Islands, southwestern Pacific Basin.



Jabal al-Tair volcanic lava  - September-October 2007 basaltic tachylite erupted from the Jabal al-Tair Volcano, Red Sea.



Chaitén volcanic ash  - May 2008 rhyolitic volcanic ash erupted from Chaitén Volcano, southern Chile.



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