Bivalves (Clams, Osyters, Scallops, Mussels, etc.) - info. on these pages is mostly synthesized from Mikkelsen & Bieler (2008) - Seashells of Southern Florida, Living Marine Mollusks of the Florida Keys and Adjacent Regions, Bivalves.  503 pp.

  Family Arcidae - arks

  Family Cardiidae - cockles

  Family Chamidae - jewel boxes

  Family Glycymerididae - bittersweet clams

  Family Limidae - file clams & flame scallops

  Family Lucinidae - lucine clams

  Family Mytilidae - mussels

  Family Ostreidae - oysters

  Family Pectinidae - scallops

  Family Tellinidae - tellins

  Family Veneridae - venus clams



Gastropods (Snails) - info. on these pages is mostly synthesized from Redfern (2001, Bahamian Seashells, a Thousand Species from Abaco, Bahamas, 280 pp., 124 pls.) and Witherington & Witherington (2007, Florida’s Living Beaches, a Guide for the Curious Beachcomber, 326 pp.).

  Family Buccinidae - whelks & false tritons

  Family Bullidae - bubble snails

  Family Cassidae - helmet snails

  Family Cerionidae - peanut land snails

  Family Cerithiidae - cerith snails

  Family Columbellidae - dove snails

  Family Conidae - cone snails

  Family Costellariidae - ribbed miters

  Family Cypraeidae - cowries

  Family Fissurellidae - limpets

  Family Harpidae - harp snails

  Family Hipponicidae - hoof snails

  Family Littorinidae - periwinkles

  Family Lottiidae - limpets

  Family Mitridae - miters

  Family Modulidae - button snails

  Family Muricidae - murex snails

  Family Nassariidae - mud snails

  Family Naticidae - moon snails

  Family Neritidae - nerite snails

  Family Olividae - olive snails

  Family Ovulidae - flamingo tongue snails

  Family Potamididae - horn snails

  Family Pyramidellidae - pyramid snails

  Family Ranellidae - tritons

  Family Strombidae - conchs

  Family Tonnidae - tun snails

  Family Triviidae - trivias

  Family Trochidae - top snails

  Family Turbinidae - star snails & turban snails

  Family Turritellidae - turret snails & worm snails

  Family Vermetidae - worm shells

  Family Xanthonychidae - land snails



Cephalopods (Squids)

  Family Spirulidae




  Family Dentaliidae - tusk shells



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