Some Silurian Rocks



Clinch Quartzite - "quartzite" (well-cemented quartzose sandstone) with Skolithos burrows from the Lower Silurian at Clinch Mountain, Tennessee, USA.



Lockport Dolomite

Left: fossiliferous dolostone with Dictyonema dendroid graptolite from the upper Middle Silurian in the Hamilton area, Ontario, Canada.

Right: fossiliferous dolostone with Graftonoceras coiled nautiloid cephalopod from the Middle Silurian at Coldwater, Ohio, USA.



Lockport Dolomite

Left: fossiliferous dolostone with Sthenarocalymene celebra trilobite from the Cedarville Dolomite (upper Lockport Dolomite Group, upper Niagaran Series/upper Wenlockian Series, upper Middle Silurian) in southwestern Ohio, USA.

Center & Right: fossiliferous argillaceous dolostones with carbonized Medusaegraptus mirabilis fossil green algae from the Goat Island Formation (Lockport Dolomite Group, ~lower Ludlovian Series, lower Upper Silurian) at Lafarge Gasport Quarry, New York State, USA.



Tymochtee Dolomite - mudcracked dolostone (left) & fossiliferous dolostone with ostracod valves (right) (lower Ludlovian, lower Upper Silurian) from Latham Limestone Quarry, Ohio, USA.



F1 Salt Bed, Salina Group - halite crystal from rock salt/halitite (~mid-Cayugan Series, ~mid-Upper Silurian) at Fairport Mine, Ohio, USA.



Fiddlers Green Formation, Bertie Dolomite Group - fossiliferous dolostones with Eurypterus remipes fossil sea scorpions from the Upper Silurian at Allan Lang Quarry, New York State, USA.



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