Skutterudite is an uncommon cobalt-nickel arsenide mineral ((Co,Ni)As3).  Beautifully crystalline specimen occur in mines in central Morocco (see below).  Skutterudite has a metallic luster, bright silvery color, black streak, no cleavage, moderate hardness (H = 5.5 to 6), and moderately high density.  It can be an important ore mineral of cobalt and nickel, and is typically found in hydrothermal veins.


Skutterudite (above & below; above: 2.0 cm across; below: field of view 4.4 cm across) from central Morocco.

Geology: Co-Ni mineralized veins in a fault system within the Bou Azzer-El Graara Ophiolite.  The ophiolite complex is Proterozoic in age, but the skutterudite mineralization postdates the host rocks.

Locality: Tamdrost Mine, Bou Azzer Mining District, 30 km south of Tazenakht, central Anti-Atlas Mountains, central Morocco.

Silver = skutterudite; medium-gray, nonmetallic-lustered patch at lower left in below photo = calcite.



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