St. Yvon is along the southern shores of the St. Lawrence Seaway & along the northern margin of the Gaspé Peninsula in southeastern Canada.  The bedrock here is a succession of Middle Ordovician turbidites - the Cloridorme Formation.  The rocks are tilted landward (see cliff in the photo below).  In the intertidal zone, the Cloridorme Formation has been planed off into a wave-cut platform.  The tidal pools on this platform are elongated, occurring between narrow, long, linear ridges of rock.  The platform has a wonderful, easily examined, modern hardground biota consisting of shelly & fleshy encrusters and vagrants.




Above: The Cloridorme Formation is a world-class turbidite succession that contains beautifully preserved Bouma Sequences.  Good climbing ripples and flute casts are present, as are flame structures.  The convoluted, dark wispy laminations in the brownish bed shown above are flame structures, formed by post-depositional, horizontal shear.



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