Vanadinite is an uncommon, but beautiful, reddish-colored lead chlorovanadate (Pb5(VO4)3Cl).  Vanadinite has hexagonal crystals, a hardness of 3, and a nonmetallic luster described as adamantine or resinous.


The highest quality vanadinite is from Morocco in northwestern Africa.  The sample shown below is a nice vanadinite cluster on Lower Jurassic dolostone.  It comes from the A'hcif Mine (A'hcif Shaft), near the old mining village of Mibladen, ~15 km northeast of Midelt, eastern Khenifra Province, northern Morocco.


Vanadinite on Jurassic dolostone, A'hcif Mine, Mibladen, Morocco.



Vanadinite, A'hcif Mine, Mibladen, Morocco.



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