Zincite is a distinctive reddish-colored zinc oxide mineral (ZnO).  Pure ZnO is white, but natural zincite is red due to Fe+3 impurities.  Zincite is a rare mineral.  Only one place on Earth has zincite in abundance - the Franklin and Sterling Hill areas of northern New Jersey, USA.


Zincite has a nonmetallic, glassy luster, usually a deep red color, a hardness of 4, one cleavage plane and one parting plane, and is fairly heavy for its size.  It is almost invariably associated with franklinite, calcite, and willemite.


Zincite (~1 mm each) from residue of crushed zinciferous marble (zinc ore: franklinite-zincite-willemite-calcite rock).  From the Mesoproterozoic-aged Franklin Marble at the Sterling Hill Mine in Franklin, northern New Jersey, USA.



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