“Travel is the very foundation of a successful career as a scientific scholar, and the best have always traveled - even if it cost them their lives.”

- Carl Linnaeus, 1741




Geology & Biology of San Salvador Island, Bahamas




Geology of California


Moro Rock (Sierra Nevada Mountains)


La Brea Tar Pits


Mt. Shasta


Lava Beds & Medicine Lake Volcano


Resting Spring Range


Eagle Mountain


Funeral Mountains


Marble Mountains


Titus Canyon & Death Valley




Geology of Nevada


Arrow Canyon (southern Nevada)


Bactrian Mountain (southern Nevada)


Spring Mountains (southern Nevada)


Hoover Dam (Boulder Dam) (Nevada-Arizona border)



Geology of Idaho


  Bruneau Sand Dunes (southern Idaho)


  Craters of the Moon (southern Idaho)


  Eastern Snake River Plain (southeastern Idaho)



Geology of Wyoming


  Sherman Mountains (Laramie Range, se Wyoming)


  Teton Range (Grand Teton National Park, nw Wyoming)


  Yellowstone Hotspot (northeastern Wyoming)



Geology of Oregon


Newberry Volcano



Geology of Utah


Zion Canyon (southwestern Utah)


Salina Canyon (central Utah)


Drum Mountains (western Utah)


Arches National Park (eastern Utah)


Great Salt Lake (northern Utah)



Geology of New Mexico


Carlsbad Caverns


Navajo Volcanic Field (Ship Rock, etc.)


Table Mesa


Gypsum Plain


Sierra Grande Shield Volcano


Valles Caldera


Geology of Arizona


Painted Desert


Petrified Forest


Geology of Colorado


  Pikes Peak


  Dinosaur Ridge


  Rocky Mountains National Park


  Cave of the Winds



Geology of Texas


Guadalupe Mountains


Odessa Impact Crater



Geology of South Dakota


Sioux Falls



Geology of Arkansas


Coleman Quartz Mine



Geology of Wisconsin


Waukesha Quarry



Geology of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula


Mackinac Breccia (Devonian) - Castle Rock Lakestack



Munising Formation (Cambrian) - Pictured Rocks



Jacobsville Sandstone (~1.03-1.07 b.y.)



Oronto Group

     Freda Sandstone (~1.07-1.08 b.y.)

     Nonesuch Shale (~1.07-1.08 b.y.) - Presque Isle River

     Lake Shore Traps (1.087 b.y.)

     Copper Harbor Conglomerate (1.085-1.093 b.y.)



Portage Lake Volcanic Series (1.093-1.097 b.y.)

(plus photos and info. about the Allouez Conglomerate & the Calumet and Hecla Conglomerate, 1.094-1.095 b.y.)



Michigamme Formation (~1.85-1.86 b.y.)



Menominee Group

    Negaunee Iron-Formation (2.11 b.y.) - Jasper Knob & Champion Specularites &

Michigamme Mine

    Siamo Slate & Ajibik Quartzite (2.1-2.2 b.y.)



Chocolay Group (2.20-2.29 b.y.)



Basement Rocks

   Deer Lake Peridotite (~2.5-2.7 b.y.) 

   Compeau Creek Gneiss (?~2.6-3.0 b.y.)

   Kitchi Formation (?~2.7 b.y.)

   Mona Formation (?~2.7 b.y.)



Geology of Virginia


Narrows Water Gap (New River) (western VA)



Geology of Kentucky


Mammoth Cave


Maysville West roadcut (Upper Ordovician)


Burkesville South roadcuts (Ordovician-Devonian unconformity & Lower Mississippian)


Red River Gorge (Mississippian to Pennsylvanian)


Cumberland Falls (Pennsylvanian)



Geology of Pennsylvania


Centralia Coal Fire


Coral Caverns (town of Manns Choice)


Drake Well Museum


Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine



Geology of Vermont


Whipstock Hill



Geology of New Hampshire


Ruggles Pegmatite



Geology of Quebec, Canada


Montmorency Falls


Deschambault Limestone


Jacques Cartier River


St. Yvon


Anse ŕ Pierre-Loiselle



Geology of China




Nanjing Hills



Geology of South Korea



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